Got Some Expertise?

Answer questions & make money

How to ask a question on Askedoo:

First thing’s first

· Login using your username

· Welcome! This is your dashboard

Surf Around

· On your dashboard, tap the ‘A.’

· Once you’ve made your way to the Answer screen, you’ll see which questions are happening in real time

· If you feel particularly savvy on a a topic — hop in and see what people are asking

· If not, surf the many channel options and see if there’s something you’ve got some experience with

Joining the Conversation

· When you’ve chosen a question you’d like to help answer, hop into the live chat

· Add your two cents! Let your knowledgeable voice be heard

· Your insight on a topic could lead you to be chosen for a one-on-one private chat with the Asker for clarification and specificity on their question

If you accept to live chat, you’ll be on your way to helping solve a problem and making some extra moolah

Some Extra Considerations

· The more you participate in answering questions, the higher rated you’ll be

· Our Star and High-five systems will have you vetted by the Askedoo community

· The more reviews you get — the higher in demand you’ll be (so answer all the questions your heart desires)

Bloggers and Other Social Butterflies

· Askedoo is happy to provide a platform for those extra seasoned folks like bloggers, podcasters and live streamers

· Hobbiests, crafters, DIY-specialists: you’re welcome to join in too

· Consider this a way to make a little extra change for something you’re passionate and knowledgable about

So, what are you waiting for? Go let your genius show.

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