yvonne was already taken so i decided to type in an anagram and short letter it to inform you of my decision to be an informed retirw


As far as full stops and grammar goes, that is clearly as far as I will be taking these. I’m not yet a flourishing editor and if I were — someone must be making a nickel off of me!

I decided — fuck it. I’m going to be doing things my way in the style I want and with the aesthetics full steam brewed ahead. Thanks for the trusty word wrangler that edits a misspelled word, the 9/10 from the spelling tests in primary school education goes to waste and shaped into tucked-in weary guilt! With censors and sticky glue used for goo with borax, I understand the gravitational pull for gleaming NSFW banners and highlighted streakers.

I am Yvonne. No last name to include, as of yet, unless my voice posts are going to be displayed into the near future. I chose the name Yvonne because I liked the Francophone speaking lemon curdled sound it makes.

I flexed and spewed out nearly two hours worth of work (or more — I have yet to find a snack to snack on) whipping this meringue up.

My Tumblr, askyvonne, is to ask questions. Simply put. I must warn that the website is indeed a place of really bad sexy words sometimes. Please tiptoe in with caution — it’s not pop-up advertisements (do tell me if there are any in the future so I can proceed to investigate and play Detective, thank you!). I get to help out dear friends and accomplices — sounds villainous — with their respective contributions and stamps of approval of publications and I hope to be receiving much dear questions that I think I can answer.


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