How To Brand Your Freelance Business, Pt. 1

I’ve been doing freelance web design for the past year, but I only recently made the push to have a cohesive, put-together web design business. This, of course, started with branding my freelance business — which was admittedly daunting. There are so many effective ways to brand a business, but, in the end, it has to be something that really showcases you and your talents. In part 1 of my “What You Need to Brand Your Freelance Business” series, I will be talking about the bare basics to get started. In part two I will talk about the materials you need to brand your freelance business, such as website, business card and an invoice template.

Here are the beginning essentials to brand your business.

1. Have a Vibe

For a freelance business the “vibe” or feel of your business is so important because you are not only selling your services but your personality too. People will have to like you to hire you.

The vibe I wanted is an aesthetic that’s equally right-brained and left-brained. I’m creative in the way I approach design, but analytical in the way I approach development. Websites are my art, but they need to be built to function.

This meant I wanted my brand to be modern and clean in it’s layout and structure, but use vibrant colors and bold typography to showcase my personality as a designer.

2. Have a Color Scheme

Deciding on a color scheme for my web design business proved quite a challenge for me. Since I’m a designer, I wanted to show clients that I don’t have a conventional way of seeing color. For example, J Crew and Gucci have deconstructed the way I perceive color. Colors that I never thought would go together, can look refreshing and simple.


Ultimately, I referred to my tried-and-true color scheme generator, Hermes silk scarves. Every Hermes silk scarf is not only a work of art, but most likely my next color palette for a website. I chose a silk scarf with a turquoise tree against a red background. From that scarf, I selected the colors I would use on for my web design business.

Pattern source:

3. Have a Font

Typography is another way for designers to show personality in design. For many clients, I stick with a sans-serif typeface that exudes a modern and professional style. A Steve Jobs of fonts, you could say.

I wanted something different, something fun. It’s rare that I get to be my own client, so I chose Abril Fatface, a google font. It’s thick, serif typeface instantly stands out on a page.

Source: Google Fonts

4. Have a Logo

You have a color scheme and you have a font. Now it’s time for a logo. This is when you take a reflective look on yourself and your business. Draw inspiration from your childhood, favorites books or movies, your favorite place in the world, anything that give you that nervous, excited, butterfly feeling about your future (and your business). I always knew that my logo for my web design business would include a sun. My mom called me sunshine as kid, and the sun motif has followed me through life. My dad even named one of his home-brews after me, “Sunshine on a Cloudy Day”.

My logo incorporates a simple sunburst sketch, my initials in the Abril Fatface typeface and my color palette.

The Final Product:

UP NEXT: How to Brand Your Freelance Business, Pt. 2

All the materials needed for your freelance business:

  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Invoice & Proposal Template
  • Social Media