If Snap is the world’s lens, can Pulse be its ears?

Okay, this title sucks. I know.

But I can’t do any better. Let’s just say.. I probably won’t ever win a gold medal in writing (if that’s even a thing?). Bear with me though! Let’s cut to the chase!

So have you ever heard about Pulse?

You have?! That’s awesome 🤗 Oh, no — it’s not the one acquired by LinkedIn in 2013. And no, it’s not the one from SoundCloud either.

It’s this one: pulsemusicapp.com! 🎉

Okay, so maybe I’m not the first to use this name, but hey.. yeah, whatever.

I’ll explain in brief. Pulse is a tool for you to discover new music. Either from friends who tag you by your @username, or through #tags created by people around the world. Oh.. and don’t forget that you can choose to follow anyone who makes your ears wet 🤤

Got it! So what’s new in v1.4?

I almost don’t know where to start, so much has changed! Overall, this version features a major redesign both graphically and in terms of how you use the app. On top of this, I’ve fixed a range of errors from the previous version to increase the app’s performance.


Woops. Sorry, maybe I dropped it by accident (the jury is still out on that one!). But seriously though, I’d like to highlight just a couple of things that I improved upon in this version (by the way, many of the changes made in this version is a result of the comments made by some truly wonderful people on reddit, who were gracious enough to try out the app and leave me with very valuable feedback, as can be seen here and here):

  • I implemented a left menu sidebar accessible through swipe-gestures anywhere on the main screen making the app easier to navigate. Doing so, allowed me to replace the bottom tab bar with a navigational switch always within reach for the user to move between e.g. “New” and “Popular”.
  • How to share a song” is now crystal-clear — managing the level of privacy for a post is now as easy as choosing one of three options; “Everyone can see this”, “Share privately with a friend” or “Only Me”.

With this release, Pulse offers a fundamentally good and stable experience for anyone to share music with friends and people around the world. I’m excited about where Pulse is heading, and I’ll soon be adding a number of very impactful feature additions to make Pulse more personal, conversational and most importantly, convenient. Keep an ‘ear’ to the ground and listen out for these new features, which will make an appearance in the coming months!

Get to know more about Pulse on pulsemusicapp.com.

Or join the community by downloading the app from Apple’s App Store.

Stay tuned! And thanks for reading! 👋

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