Passage One: What running a business part-time has taught me.


It sucks. I don’t have a lot of time to do the mundane things in my life. I neglect taking out the trash. I don’t feel like DRIVING to the store after work because it’ll subtract 10 minutes from my day. I stay awake to the cusp of exhaustion, while trying to balance 5–6 hours of sleep usually. To top it all off I am absent minded at my full-time job. I work don’t get me wrong. My heart just isn’t into though. I am constantly thinking, “ How can I get my business off the ground ” or “ How can I improve my marketing strategy ”( If you can even call it that). I feel as if I all over the place… throwing darts into a board I can’t see, or even sense. Each glimmer of hope I catch in the darkness gets crushed, and slowly brings be back into the cauldron of nothingness I seem NOT to be able to escape.

Those glimmers I spoke of are clients, and opportunities. I don’t want charity. I want to earn my clients. I just don’t fully know which is the best way to do so yet.


So I keep on. Something is driving me, something is pushing me. I don’t know what it is or where it came from, but it is powerful, fierce and aggressive. Every marketing fail I have teaches me one more thing. It adds to my armament of experience. I fail I get up… and starts the process of rinse, wash repeat. The process I am growing ever accustom too. I am learning my mistakes are my greatest teacher in this hour. Balance is also key in my particular situation. While my full-time job keeps my family feed and the lights on. My business allows me to spill my personality and vision into a physical construct. This is teaching me to become more organized and methodological in my time usage. With the goal of squeezing every morsel of productivity out of my day. I haven't figured it it all out, but this is a journey I choose.

I heard once you only become an expert on a topic when you know every way something won’t work. I feel as if I am on that path, and while on it. I’ll share what I find.


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