The Coming Age of Non-Reason?
Chris Arnade

There was always non-reason especially in politics.

It also doesn’t make sense to extrapolate in a linear fashion from Brexit and Trump into the future.

Sure there’re some equality problems, but they’re basically the result of wrong education decisions in the past.

If someone decides to become a coal miner in 1990, this isn’t a decision to follow the heart, it’s a lazy decision. And complaining about missing jobs 25 years later and making immigration and globalization responsible for the misery, is too easy.

It’s understandable that people are frustrated, but they also have to blame themselves. It’s just naive to expect that the future will be like the past.

The future wasn’t like the past since hundreds of years (from socio economic perspective), why it should be different this time?

No, this isn’t about reason, it’s about laziness, people don’t want to dig into their soul and ask tough questions.

There is no pardon (in the most cases).

They’re not honest to themselves, may be that’s the reason the do accept populist liars, bc the liar is giving them moral relieve?

That means there is no reason to step back from effectiveness and efficiency as core principles.

Wouldn’t make sense either, reality is ruthless.

But it would make sense to make social mobility a central policy topic.