9 Foodie Micro Influencers You Haven’t Heard of Yet (Under 15k)

They cook, they bake, they create recipes, and most importantly they shoot amazing content. Our goal is to make sure that you are hearing about people for anyone else (well at least before more than 15,000 other people do). Below are nine great micro-influencers you should know from around the globe ranked in order based on following, engagement rate, and few other things.

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  1. Quirky_Cooky: Shooting formulaic content (in the best way possible) of organic and plant-based recipes. A great eye and styling bring the content to

2. Lindsay’s Feast: Drool-worthy cooking and writing from the English countryside. Great rustic touches and even a bit of nostalgia in the way her content is mixed. Lindsay also has a killer blog aptly named The Feast. Great for culinary influencer campaigns.

3. Qmamkasze: Maia Sobzak hails from Poland and balance her food and family life in the best way possible. This vegas food stylist uses interesting angles to standout from other “foodie” bloggers.

4. sogishoneybakeshop: You don’t even have to be remotely looking for a foodie to love the work of Sogoal Zolghadri. Wit, style, and more cookies than you’ll know what to do with.

5. elenabesser: New York based Elena Besser makes great content but is an even better host. Anything live or on video is her wheelhouse. That personality seeps into the content and makes for something great.

6. diningwithdiana: Health conscious doesn’t do Diana justice. This is almost over the top. But at the same time…. we don’t mind it.

7. theoriginaldish: Not massive yet (but she is about to be). Kayla runs an amazing blog called The Original Dish and spreads that content across her social for our enjoyment. She also studied at the Culinary Institute of America, so it definitely tastes as good as it looks.

8. laura_is_cooking: Part cook and part artist Laura Ramirez is a private chef in New York that seems to be able to pull off both extravagant meals as well as tiny chocolate pieces of fine art. See more from her or get her for your net influencer marketing campaign on Sublime Table.

9. kalefornia_kitchen: Seth Fisher could make the list based almost exclusively off of the pun of his handle, luckily he brings vast amounts of health info too. Fair warning, these captions are long.

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