Outdoor and Adventure Influencer Photographers With Under 10k Followers

Work With Them First: 10 Influencer Photographers On the Road

Influencers with less than 10k followers who focus on nature, adventure, and being #outthere.

Normally 5% engagement is awesome; with people who photograph nature it is more like 25%. There is definitely a look that succeeds among those shooting in the great outdoors, so we dug around to find a few unique people

Here are photographers with an under 10k following (okay some are just slightly over but give us a break). These are ranked in order based on engagement rate, post reach, and following.

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  1. romain.charrier: Forward movement seems to be a theme that unites a ton of Romain Charrier’s work. Hailing from France he only recently picked up a camera and began exploring (3 years ago). The results are stunning.

2. brandon_shindler: While some photographers can rely too heavily on letting landscapes do the talking for them, Brandon Shindler is comfortable with doses of humanity and vertical movements in his frames. His engagement started really popping starting in January, look for more rapid growth here. Currently based in Los Angeles, Brandon would definitely be a good person to get in touch with for branded content.

3. darienmaginn: As much lifestyle and portrait as she is adventure. Darien Maginn has a lens that just makes you happy.

4. snitzsls: With some branded content collaborations under her belt, we see Samantha a the most adept on the list at balancing her own art along with the demands of brands. Great stuff (of yeah and Los Angeles based).

5. ubontu: Being from a corner of the world that most people don’t get to visit is a really bonus when it comes to being a photographer. Anna Khaova is based in St. Petersburg, Russia and lets the lush give way to sparse in a hauntingly lovely channel.

6. alka.lloyd: We loved Lloyd Evans’ photography because it has this really fantastical quality to it without being cartoonish. Living in Bath, UK; he does have a lot of great surrounding that lend themselves to this style.

7. sohrachsoh: As of late, Rachel Soh has been more portrait photography than anything. This is crazy for someone who is based in Aukland, New Zealand and could easily just shoot landscapes all day. She makes it work though, and honestly it makes her work all the more interesting.

8. sanket.s.kamble: We hate to play favorites, but this may be it for us. It isn’t everyday that you get to look at a work from a photographer who is based in Mumbai. This feed is more portrait than adventure, but it all gives a sense of place to one of India’s largest cities.

9. connellmccarthy: North Vancouver is a beautiful landscape, and Connell McCarthy takes full advantage of that fact. There is something about the way that he plays with color pallet that makes the feed as a whole come to life. You have all of the classic #adventure shots here, but deft editing makes them rich without over doing it.

10. evgenyvasenev: We love Evgeny for his perspective on the heartland of different countries. He shoots main attractions too, but really the rolling hills are what he makes pop. He also has an official photography account here.

11. _anoww: There are no words to describe this. Solid photos with a healthy amount of editing collide to make other-worldly photos.

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