Jalen Green | Photo by: Isaiah J. Downing (USA TODAY Sports)

With 5-star players furiously darting for “greener” pastures, it brings up the question: Is this the beginning of the end for the NCAA recruitment trail?

Utah State quarterback Jordan Love has been compared to, wait for it… Patrick Mahomes. With the buzz ever-increasing, just how good does he project to be?

As another wild NFL regular season gears down, the quarterback vacancy carousel revs it’s overbearing engine. Here’s a breakdown of the teams that could race to flood the quarterback market.

Photo by: The Riot Report

Photo by: Twitter: LSU Football

From under the radar to the top of the college quarterback mountain, Joe Burrow is legitimate. And come April 2020, NFL teams will be unable to resist his gigantic ‘19 season.

Photo by: Sports Illustrated

While Graham’s rise was unpredictable, his 2019 season is proof of what an enigmatic work ethic can produce.

Photo by: 24/7 Sports

From 12-Man football in Canada to Heisman candidate, Chuba Hubbard’s one-man ground demolition might be the next to burst down the NFL door.

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