The first real irrigation blog!

I am finally going to attempt to do this. I have been an irrigation geek since the late 80s, and have decided that it is A) Time I share my knowledge with others and B) I’m hopping onto the Millennial/Blogging bandwagon to see if I can build interest in the world I know.

So I am officially naming this blog/page/site the Irrigation Blog. I will address many aspects of irrigation that I have become familiar with in the last 30 years. Most will deal with turf irrigation and also landscape irrigation. I will delve into residential irrigation somewhat, as well as maybe even hit on Ag irrigation a bit, but in all honesty, that is my area of weakness, but I do have a neighbor who lives in that world so I may either have him as a guest or pick his brain occasionally to delve into that world too.

Common example of irrigation problems.

From what I can tell, there are not a lot of blogs that deal with irrigation… shocker! :-) It’s a boring world to many, so this comes as no surprise. And the blogs that do exist that relate to irrigation seem to mainly be provided by manufacturers of irrigation equipment, so they are all trying to promote their products in having a blog. My goal and purpose of having an irrigation blog is to 1) provide knowledge to others — both in the green industry, as well as outside the green industry; 2) help to educate people on proper irrigation practices and techniques to (hopefully) help reduce the amount of poorly done irrigation found in the market; 3) review both new and existing irrigation products and recommend, or not recommend, what should be bought and why, or what shouldn’t be bought and why; 4) educate on water conservation and best practices to conserve water that is used for the purpose of irrigation.

So there you have it, the beginning of my new career in blogging! hopefully I’m not too boring, and hopefully you all can pick something up from this thing?