Why a Start Up is Always a Learning Phase of the Career?

A start up will always have a dark story beyond the brighter one. Every entrepreneur will accept the fact that they too had a dark story. The Point is, after every entrepreneur’s success, only the dark stories will get highlighted more than the success which they come through. At a certain period, the failures will be imposing their hard stories into someone to threaten their growth and made them to think of quitting. 
After all the hardships, a Start Up will make a break event; It will be turned into a Multinational Company, the CEO will have an own cabin, then a success speech to the people who had failed to do so.

The Learning Phase:

I have been working in a Start Up for So Long Time Which has it’s Main Stream a Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Services.

Level 1:

I joined in as a Junior SEO Analyst with some basic knowledge in the domain. They provided me a URL and Focus keyword to rank in Google. I wondered and had no clue of how to rank. Unlike MNC, who are always busy with their own work to get completed, I got assistance from the senior entrepreneurs.

Level 2:

You have to fix the issues arises in the website. There won’t be any testing team to check the errors which are occurred. When You fix the bugs, you got to learn, what are things which should not be done.

Level 3:

Communicating with the clients, who will be having a different perspective on what we are working. There won’t be any HR Manager/Team Leader to answer, where the questions will be creepy. It is the point to get develop your skill set and visualize how the project has been enquired to deliver and attested as completed.

The entrepreneur life will show you where to start the project and how well and pleasantly it can be done. The bottom-line will be like; The stories are many but to be a successor you have to be a smart worker, who learns every day.

As an Entrepreneur you have to thrive hard and makes this happen. We are not experts to teach you but the learners to guide you.