OnePageX the future of the Exchange



The great attention paid by the media in the past to the cryptographic world attracted a large number of investors. This capital boom generated the ideal scenario for hundreds of teams with large projects to go on the market. Many of these projects have a great future but they are limited because once their ICO is finished it is almost impossible to invest in their cryptocurrency because they are not listed in the most famous Exchanges or because the process to invest becomes unattractive due to the high commissions they associate you with your purchase.

OnePageX solves this problem. Within its platform it lists around 145 cryptocurrencies so that users can make several transactions from a single page without incurring high commissions by going from one Exchange to another until they can invest in the cryptocurrency of the project that we are. This in addition to reducing costs considerably allows users to have a record to keep track of all their transactions on the same platform. For those who are just starting out and becoming familiar with the cryptographic world, it will make it easier for them to make their investments. A little more experienced users can quickly make transactions with which to convert from one crypto currency to another will earn hundreds of dollars.

A cryptocurrency for each occasion

The blockchain technology is here to stay. This technology is opened every day and is positioned worldwide thanks to its decentralized nature, where each of the users that make up the network are an important part in making decisions about the direction of the communities. Thanks to this quality, thousands of projects have emerged that leverage this technology to shape their communities.

For this reason, there are cryptocurrencies designed as a tool for the storage of the value of money. Others were designed to popularize the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and a few more were thought of as the means of access to a certain service or good. Everyone when we invest our money we want it to be safe and to be revalued over time but without any doubt we would also like to be able to pay for purchases in the store without having to resort to an Exchange.

OnePageXoffers its users a wide range of cryptocurrencies so that their clients can have the possibility of having at their disposal all the benefits of the cryptographic world within a single platform. Additionally, users who wish to diversify their investment to protect their assets from markets with high volatility found OnePageX the ideal tool for their objectives.

What is OnePegeX?

OnePegeX is an Exchange that develops a platform with multiple tools. This platform is characterized by offering its users one of the largest listings of cryptoactives available in the market at the best prices. One of the most outstanding features of OnePageX is that it is a fast and simple platform, where efficiency is synonymous with simplicity and practicality. For Steemit is in evaluation to integrate this great community in the best way to this platform and ensure a very useful integration for its users.


OnePageX guarantees anonymity to all its users and avoids long and tedious procedures to make the investment in some cryptoactive. This tool is designed to become one of the main nodes in cryptocurrency exchange transactions worldwide, without leaving behind the security of transactions.

How does it work?

The way to use OnePageX is simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Choose which assets you want to convert (remembering that currently all cryptocurrencies are converted from Bitcoin)
  • Enter a withdrawal address (you must enter the URL)
  • Click on “Start Exchange” (this last step will only click and your transaction will be in process)

Without records

Many of the Exchanges currently require extremely cumbersome processes that make it difficult for them to purchase cryptoactives. OnePageX operates without any records, which gives customers the assurance that their movements will never be objects of social engineering. This eliminates the possibility of attacks on your accounts tracking products to your movements and for companies interested in the cryptographic world OnePageX helps them to keep their investment strategies or business schemes safe.

Although OnePageX does not require any registration, users every time they execute a transaction will add their URL to a “session”. With this you can mark the page or make a copy and paste the link to return to it when you need it. These addresses once generated can be used indefinitely. Users entering the addresses will see the status of their transactions!

OnePageX Selection

One of the big problems when it comes to investing in the blockchain is that there is a large amount of Exchange and each of them sets a different price. This forces us to ask: What will be the Exchange that allows us to have the greatest benefit for our money ?, OnePageX eliminates this work and puts at our disposal within its platform the best prices available in the market.OnePageXworks harmoniously and integrated with the main Exchanges worldwide. This integration is what allows us to have the largest list of cryptocurrencies and also guarantee the best market prices to users.

With OnePageX, forget the long hours spent searching for the best prices for any given cryptocurrency. This platform will allow users to research and stay up-to-date on cryptographic innovations without delaying their investment seeking better prices.

Case of use

Michael is a business enthusiast, after reading some blogs on the web he realized the great opportunities offered by making some investments in the blockchain. After conducting a thorough investigation, he decides to invest part of his savings and safeguard them in a pair of cryptocurrencies.

With the passage of time, Michael researches and wants to diversify part of his capital into cryptoactive. At this moment, Michael gets down to work and changes some of his money to other crypto and realizes that in this process he earned some additional dollars. Start to consider the possibility of trading with part of the capital you have invested but your idea almost goes to the trash can when you encountered the technical difficulties associated with the activity. At that time his friend Steve recommended OnePageX.


Michael saw in this platform the best conditions to start his small business, he found a place where he can carry out all his transactions and he also found the best market prices in the same place. Michael was able to make an idea a profitable activity, he did not have to pay large amounts of money for applications that sought the best prices on the market since OnePageX offered the best market rates and the highest number of cryptoactives within the same platform.

The future of OnePageX

OnePageX has just hit the market. He is aware of the needs of the cryptographic world, which is why he is designing numerous implementations. These applications will allow users to convert more cryptocurrencies to each other quickly and easily. The platform at the time of its launch only has the possibility of converting several cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin but in the next few days other assets will be added for a total convertibility.

The vision of OnePageX seeks to allow users to trade most of the existing cryptocurrencies and the next ones to come out with a simple interface.

OnePageX the tool for Integration

OnePageXhas a widget, a tool designed so that websites can integrate the great functionalities to their pages simply by copying and pasting a fragment of the code.

The vision of OnePageX is not restricted only to its platform, it is thought to become the main ally of the cryptographic community. Imagine a cryptographic community that after its ICO, interested users can buy their tokens in thousands of sites without the need to wait for the approval of the big exchanges. This will allow websites to provide their users the ability to make exchanges fast cryptocurrencies and increase your profits exponentially!


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