OnePageX evolving at hand


Currently, the blockchain system is spread throughout the world, with more and more people joining the cryptocurrency market and independent income. There is an approximate of 1,350 cryptocurrencies, however many of them are not known nor are listed on the platform of exchange houses. There are innumerable cryptoactive exchange tools, which subject us to cumbersome and protocolar processes, login with highly secure keys and with unique encryption, making our operations a long and overwhelming process.


OnePagex is an innovative exchange platform that eradicates unnecessary and tedious processes when making a transaction, such as the user creation process, login, and high security keys. This wonderful tool is characterized by being discreet, safe, fast and simple when performing our exchange operation, since with a simple CLICK we will have a quick and immediate transaction. In addition to this, the security of our assets is guaranteed, through a unique URL. OnePagex imposes itself with these particularities in the forefront before recognized exchange houses like Bittrex or Kraken. It also has a high variety of cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin Ripple, to those that are not and its cost is not as high as: Miota, Icon, Lunyr, with 145 coins included its platform, and plans to extend that variety over the course of a few months.

It is worth mentioning that the commission charge is 0% until 2018, then it will cost 0.5% commission, being one of the lowest rates in the market. OnePagex works with the integration of exchanges, this determines the highest price for the cryptocurrency of your selection. All cryptocurrencies are converted from Bitcoin and Litecoin for the moment. Each transaction generated generates its own URL by opening a single and indefinite session. Additionally, the platform has a widget where websites can copy and paste the fragment of the code and make the platform available to its visitors. OnePageX can be used from any HTML page.

____________How OnePagex works______________

  • Choose converter


  • Choose the asset to be exchanged


  • Enter a withdrawal address (URL)


  • CLICK on Start Exchange


In this way you have already done your operation instantaneously, however you should expect it to be verified and confirmed, it is recommended to use the established rates so that it is processed quickly, the exchange time may vary depending on the congestion of the blockhain, the selected crypto and the paid rate. The estimated time to complete the transaction successfully is approximately 25 minutes. You can monitor the status or progress of your operation through the states that are:

  • To be confirmed: no response received by the blockchain.
  • Queue withdrawal: the withdrawal was confirmed and processed, however they are grouped to be deposited.
  • Below the minimum: the minimum amount established, was not fulfilled in transaction.
  • Marking for review: an error occurred in the process and is under review, OnePagex guarantees its assets despite the conditions.

You can view the status of your procedure through the state column, or by returning the web page back. If your operation exceeds more than one hour without changing your status, you should contact the agents in charge of Onepagex by email.

Onepagex, demonstrates with these great characteristics that excellence should not be subject to complex and cumbersome processes. Onepagex could be projected as one of the exchange tools with greater participation in the mining community, since it offers, discretion, speed and efficiency for its users, without complex and unnecessary processes. Being one of the future competition for different houses of conversion of cryptocurrencies.