Patron, the new paradigm of advertising


Marketing and Social Networks

For nobody is a secret that with the arrival of social networks, the world of advertising and marketing has had a total turnaround, which has revolutionized all pre-established standards, since the existence of advertising no longer depends on the means of mass communication, but now through unconventional means you can also make known any service or product, ensure in this way that it can be known by the target audience, and therefore generate the appropriate sales to generate profitability expected


There are four fundamental factors that guarantee the success of a new service or product, what in marketing mix is called as the 4ps that are: place, price, product and promotion, the delimitation of the first three go hand in hand with an inherent process of the production of the new product, because at the moment of creating a new product it should be fixed to which market it will be directed, according to the costs of production, to establish a price and it is where finally a promotion should be carried out that adequately discloses the characteristics of it to guarantee the expected sales levels.

In this last point the social networks are being a fundamental factor during the current quinquennial, generating at the same time the birth of a very important figure at present, as are the influencers, who with a significant number of followers, but with great power of impact on them, they are able to publicize new products and trends from their point of view, often from a figure of users that increases the use of the product from a more natural point of view and financed by companies that want to advertise their products from an innovative perspective that brings them directly to the public they have chosen.

Patron a Catalyst of Advertising Influencers


Patron is a new platform which seeks to unite the publicity provided by influencers nowadays in social networks, together with the innovative economy of cryptoactives, which as its most important principle, maintaining a decentralized philosophy without intermediaries. This idea of Japanese origin seeks through a system of tokens called PAT, to use the influence of social content on the internet to help companies find the right influencers, according to the chosen audience and according to the product they want to offer, and in this way reduce the chances of unforeseen events that are established from the moment of the market study that are inaccurate for sure.

One of the aspects that Patron establishes is the classification of influencers into categories according to their followers, which is fascinating and very useful for companies that want to access their services, because according to the type of followers they have and to the content they publish they can know if the influencer is going to benefit them according to their requirements and value the access to the contracting of their services.

Another significant contribution that this platform offers is that with the use of the block chain, it guarantees the relations between influencers and sponsors, and in turn the economic transactions that are made between them do not depend on third parties and are not subject to changes, because the conditions and value receipts are fully registered.

Criteria and model of Patron


In Patron there are three types of users: influencers, sponsors, and followers.

  1. Influencers or Hosts are those that due to their mass of followers can make contracts for certain times with sponsors to publicize their products, and obtain for that a stable economic income during the established time.
  2. Sponsors or Guests, are those who want to publicize products and services and according to the stipulations of their contracts, it is intended to increase their followers, preferably a specific feature that goes hand in hand with the theme of the product that is offering.
  3. The followers on their part are those users who are part of the platform seeking content of their importance and become potential users of the products offered.

To be influencers and sponsors there are certain criteria involved, in the case of influencers to be able to categorize them, it is taken into account:

  • Number of followers, basically the number of followers available within the platform.
  • Level of commitment, refers to the frequency of interactions between the influencer and his followers.
  • Reputation, that the opinion that followers have about the influencer.

In the case of sponsors, the financial and agency capacity is judged.

Additional benefits of Patron


Influencers generate a name around them that becomes a reference among their followers, which gives them a seal of distinction and in turn generates popularity among sponsors with the opinion of companies with which they have already worked, positioning themselves in the market with Reputation and distinction.

Sponsors are guaranteed that their content is sent to the specific demographic population for which their product was designed, reducing research costs and therefore investment.

And finally the followers are encouraged to stay on the platform due to the economic benefits that result from staying in constant interaction with their influencers.

Patron Token

The token designed for this platform is called PAT, this can be acquired through other cryptocurrencies or credit cards, and it is designed under Ethereum schemes, so it is an ERC20 token. The PAT will be used by influencers to reward their followers for contests, by followers through their likes and interactions and by sponsors to cancel the services provided.

Case of use

Amelia, is a 29-year-old Colombian who has 100,000 followers in her social networks, during her adolescence she was an athlete and nowadays she is a nutritionist who encourages the vegan lifestyle, together with physical activities to have a healthy life, his followers are mostly people with metabolic assimilation difficulties and people with exercise routines you counted in gyms, who seek to maintain themselves by means of their recommendations in their stable weight by eating properly.

The company SweetFit Co. Whose headquarters is in Miami, is dedicated to the creation of food supplements, which help to digest food better and accelerate the metabolism by generating a propensity to reduce weight, in a healthy way since the basis of its products are 100% organic, and vegetables, currently the SweetFit company has problems positioning its brand, since it has not been established in the market effectively and although they have made investment in advertising, sales have not been as expected.

As an alternative they decided to enter Patron where they got the Amelia user and they knew the influence it has on their followers, and they decided to contact her to acquire their services, with the conditions established the contract and after a month that Amelia made them public through of your account sales have increased by 10%, a figure that was not reached by your previous ads that after three months, had only generated 5% of estimated sales, so the impact of using a pattern for SweetFit has been effective.


Patron is a window that comes to facilitate the advertising life, to print innovation and security, ensuring that its users reach the achievement of their objectives, and in the same way that all participants are satisfied due to the economic remuneration they receive.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to improve marketing trends and ensure that the marketing of a product is effective directing it directly to the demographic population to which it was designed easily and safely, guaranteeing the company great sales figures and therefore profitability, and the influencers a first-class economic income, according to the benefits they provide, creating a platform where through the decentralized economy and targeted advertising, everyone wins.