Western Yoga is a Great Example of Cultural Appropriation
Megan E. Holstein

I wouldn’t go as far as telling people what to appropriate or not, and how. I wouldn’t put myself in the position of judging what other cultures (or individuals, for that matter) consider, or should consider, disrespectful. Most of all, I wouldn’t dare to speak on their behalf, imagining that there is a universal definition of what’s good, that can be applied in general.

There’s appropriation, sure, but there are also other forms of dominance. How you deal with these things is crucial, being “correct” isn’t enough.

For instance, a person can be nominally monotheistic, but in fact a politheist, or a pantheist. That could be the thing that attracts her to the practice of Yoga. She could be in the process of changing her religious beliefs. This is something that happens. How can you believe it concerns you to enforce whatever standards of consistency you consider valid to this person, without even asking?

How is it not an imposition of your Western monotheistic values to the use of language itself?