Be the Running Back Nobody Likes to Tackle — #GrowthBestToldBy

In football, contact is inevitable. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that, for the most part growing up, I feared the contact that came in football. It was different than what I used to and the older I got, I noticed how that fear transferred to others areas of my life. I’ve had abilities to do great things apart from sports (or even within it) but for far too many I’ve let fear guide my decisions and my approach to it (or away from it).

Now that I know my fear, I have vision for what my resistance may be and how to meet it at the point of contact. I can’t do anything to change the past except let it drive my future and in the last few years, I’ve been driven now by a quote from one of my favorite movies, Green Street Hooligans:

“Once you’ve taken a few punches and realize you’re not made of glass, you don’t feel alive unless you’re pushing yourself as far as you can go.”

I learn so much not just from my own self-awareness but an awareness of others and what makes them great. My perception and perspective allow me to learn from anyone and everyone, which is where this whole #GrowthBestToldBy is coming from.

Football teams set the tone with their running game. When you are winning and you want to control the clock, you give it to your running back and let him get you the yards you need while physically wearing down the defense (hopefully). Here’s what I’ve noticed about running backs that correlates to life:

When a running back see an opening, there’s a philosophy of “Slow To. Fast Through.” meaning patience comes before pay dirt. I look at my life and notice my fear has caused me to be more reserve in areas but now that I’m older and aware, I’m starting to employ the fast through part of the equation. I’ve acted on things where I’ve made a move at the point of attack and seen my share of success and failure.

I once read that strength is respected but people fear speed. Why be a speed back OR a power back in life when you can be both (to a degree). I think you’ll naturally slant one way or the other but who’s to say if you have power that you can’t have elusive feet or build speed over time.

Regardless of which you choose, you need to know what you are good at, discover your current limits and how you can work to expand that, which only comes through practice.

Speed isn’t always the first one or the fastest one, speed also looks like a patient consistency every single day.

Power doesn’t always mean having the most money or the biggest business but it does correlate to leverage and influence. Everyone has it, some have more and some have less but how are you using what you have and does it have traction to move others as well.

No matter where your gifts lie or what your profession is, one thing is true:
Contact is inevitable…therefore deliver the blow first.

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