Inspired Palette 20 — “On The Run”

*a curated playlist created to inspire you to do

If you played traditional sports growing up, running was often used as a punishment, which is why many to this day don’t enjoy running. As a natural athlete that happened to play basketball, I understood how running trained not only the body but the mind because I’ve been in many conditioning sessions where guys are breaking down because they aren’t in shape neither physically nor mentally. Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation to go run (or to just go do in general) and so, here’s an ode to the runners:

Marketing Video: “The Runner” — Adidas

A voice-over explaining “why does she run?”, beautifully shot scenery and an appropriate cinematic score made this a must for this list. If you are new to the list, I won’t hide that I love what Adidas does with their ads and just how it connects beyond the individual and invites you to join the collective. If you aren’t a runner, it at least gets you to think about giving it another try.

Profile Video: “Smile” — Nike

I loved getting to know Mo and his training process better by watching this piece. Before this, I just knew him as the British runner with the big smile but I like that Nike played up the process behind the product we see. Loved the close-up vantage point that was achieved a few times throughout the project.

Film/Recap Video: “The Grind” — TCU Baseball

The process always makes way for the product. I enjoyed how TCU baseball told the story of the grind that takes place in the off-season before the lights shine brightest in the season. It makes their team more personable and makes you want to become a follower of their program.

Wildcard: “Never Idle” — Valvoline

When there is a love of something, it transcends location, time, weather, etc. In this piece, I thoroughly enjoy the overall sound design especially the vintage voice over. Great shots from various environments and just an overall mood to rally like-minded individuals through a passion of cars and vehicles in general

Wildcard: “Run It” — Evan Metzold

I can respect a spec project because you are showing that you can create a vision and bring it to life like Evan did with this one. I enjoyed the pace as well as the shots he chose to use and how the story just came together cohesively.

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