Ada(s), My Little Pony, Lowell Mill Girls and How Internet could still be NICE…)

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Left to right: Quinn Norton, Ada, Isik Mater, Asli Telli Aydemir, Baris Buyukakyol and Ugurcan Ergun. August 3, 2015 @ Café Kafka, Istanbul

Just the night before “Ada Initiative” announced its shutdown (, we met Quinn Norton ( and her daughter, Ada at Café Kafka (August 3, 2015) amidst the jammy summer schedule of Istanbul. What a controversial coincidence?! You will definitely take a closer glimpse once the gothic walls of Café Kafka, despite the magnificent Bosphorus view, whisper a few clues of our conversation.

Alternative Informatics Association (a.k.a. AIA or Alternatif Bilisim founded in late 2010, has been receiving considerable interest from international networks, solidarity groups, coalitions, new wave activist hubs per se ever since the Internet Ungovernance Forum (, thus Quinn also got in touch with us during her half relaxed-half journalistic stay in town. We had the utmost pleasure and luck to get to know Ada (12), too the other night— her whimsical daughter of interests on the cyber-frontiers (she must have taken after her mother big time) . …


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