How to Choose Fishing bait for Different Seasons

The right fishing bait plays a very important role in landing your ideal fish. There is not one-fit-all fishing bait. It varies with the season, fishing types etc. This part will focus on the selection of bait based on season.

In different seasons, the water temperature, wind direction, and sun exposure time are different. These factors will affect the fish activity, habitat, and appetite and food choice. Therefore, there are different rules in choosing bait for different seasons.

Spring: at this time of the year, fish have just recovered from the dormant habits and it is necessary for them to take in a variety of nutrients. Thus red worms, rainbow earth and other high protein prey are preferred food for them. At this time, since the ground is still cold, earthworms have not yet entered the surface. Thus red worm fishing is more popular. March and April is a good time for spring fishing. In May, after gluttonous rejuvenation, fish enters into their mating period and they are no longer greedy for food. After the spawning in June, it has entered the summer.

Summer: It’s a time when the temperature is going up and the algae and plankton are going to thrive. At this season, the taste of fish changes bit. Many of them become vegetarians and it will be great to use flour as fishing bait. In June and July, the fish is still in the growing season and they prefer to high protein food and earthworm can be used to hook small fish. August comes the second spawning period for fish and at this month, they do not love foraging. Then there comes the autumn.

Autumn: This is the most abundant season for all kinds of food and it can be the golden season for fishing. Almost all kinds of baits such as earthworms, meat maggots etc. can be applied.

Winter: when the temperature goes down, fish will transfer to dormant state with poor activity preference. If you like to fish in this season, red worm is an ideal choice as fishing bait.

After getting familiar with the different fish taste, activity preference in different seasons, it will be an easier task for you to fish throughout the year.