How Will Bike Bells Change Your Cycling Experience

Cycling is becoming more and more popular both as a way for commuting and recreation. It is not only more environmental-friendly but also makes you more fit. Of course, you need the right cycling accessories such as suitable cycling clothing, cycling helmet to have a more comfortable and safer cycling experience. Some people may wonder whether it’s necessary to have bike bells to ride a bike. Though there are different practices in different areas whether a bell shall be installed. There are three compelling reasons why you should have a bike bell.

First of all, it is a device to ensure safety ride. In an area where the road is wide with few people, you may go ahead without any fear of hitting any one. But most of the time, there will be crowd streets and there will be people around, you can never go straightly ahead without any such fear and it will be quite a hilarious experience to draw people’s attention with your own throat. Thus it’s necessary to have a trouble saving loud electrical bell on your bike.

Secondly, it can be used as a decoration for your bike. There are lots of different bike bells available in the market. They are of different shape. There is novelty bike bell made after some cartoon characters; there are some small enough to be invisible; and there are others specially designed to match with your bike. No matter what kind of shape they are, they will always add fun to your cycling experience.

Thirdly, most bike bells are not only a loud speaker. There are lots of other functions added. Some bells integrate a compass into it; some bells can also be used as a rear bike light. What a cool experience it will be to have some many functions embedded in just one small device.

No matter whether it is law in your area to have a bike bell or not, you can always find a reason to have one on your bike.

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