Introduction to Different Types of Sunglasses Lens

In addition to gorgeous appearance, a really good pair of sunglasses should have a good anti-UV and anti-glare function and include a certain impact resistance. All these are closely related to the sunglasses lens. In this sense, sunglasses lens material is more important than the shape and color. There are generally four types of lens: plastic lenses, glass lenses, polarized lenses, color lenses

Plastic lens is one of the most widely used materials for most sunglasses brand. It can be further divided into three subordinates: resin lenses, PC lenses, acrylic lenses. The most obvious feature is light weight and durability. Compared with unprocessed glass lens, plastic lens without any treatment generally enjoys better anti-ultraviolet function and color processing is simpler. The disadvantage for this type is easy to be worn and fragile for scratching and it is easy for it to go deformation and the maintenance shall be more careful.

Glass lenses are very outstanding in its optical performance. It’s not easy to go deformation and less subjective to the pressure of the frame. The disadvantage of glass lenses is that they are easy to break. And this may further cause damage to the eyes. Recently there are reinforced glasses lenses which work better than ordinary glass lenses and are considered a security lens.

Polarized lens are very functional and useful by blocking glaring light from all direction. It enables more clear view and thus provides the best protection for the eyes. These lenses were invented by Edwinland in 1937. And he built his own Polaroid Company for supplying polarized lens.

Color lens are also called light sensitive lenses. The color will change accordingly with the change of the light. In this way, the eyes can adapt to different environments. Under strong light, the color will become darker; while under weak light, the lens color will automatically lighter. These lenses have also been applied to myopia sunglasses. These lenses have been considered to the most convenient and beautiful and are even more popular than the sunglasses clip.

Remember the foremost function for sunglasses is to protect your eyes. This is closely related to the lens type. No matter you purchase sunglasses from china wholesale or buy from a renowned brand store, it’s necessary to make sure you choose the right lens.

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