Maintenance Tips for Sunglasses

Sunglasses sever for a variety of purposes. It not only provides protection for your eyes but also a fashionable accessory for decoration. Different types of sunglasses works the best for diversified environment. For instance, scratch proof polarized sunglasses perform well under different outdoor environment. Just as it’s important to choose one pair of sunglasses for outdoor use, it’s of equal importance to maintain them for continuous great performance. There are several things to mind as below.

1. The clean of lens: it’s a must to clean the lens regularly in daily life. If necessary, professional cleaning agent can be applied first and then rinse with water. Then dry it completely with a clean cloth. It is best not to remove the stain by hand or nail. The scratch may damage the coating on the surface. It needs special attention not to clean the polarized lens with ultrasonic. For this will destroy the polarized effect.

2. Avoid high temperature exposure. Sunglasses may be deformed if they are placed in high temperature for long. Especially for those made from plastics. They are not resistant to heat. And the color will fade under sunlight and heat.

3. Wipe issue. Sunglasses shall be wiped with a special cloth. Pay attention not to wipe it with hard object such as fingers etc. Try to use a clean cloth to reduce lens wearing.

4. Avoid contact with chemicals like perfume, pesticides and other ingredients containing chemical ingredients. For this will cause chemical erosions.

5. Don’t place the lens with face down. Try to put sunglasses into the glass box after properly wrapped in the exclusive cleaning cloth. This is to avoid unnecessary damage to the sunglasses.

6. Don’t hang the sunglasses on the head. It’s not suggested to hang the sunglasses on their head. This will lead to damage to the hook. If not in use, the sunglasses should be carefully removed and placed in the glasses box with the lens facing up.