Micro SD Card Capacity Analysis: Actual Capacity Is Lower than the Nominal One

Most users find they have less capacity than marked when they use Micro SD Cards in Phone, tablet or any other devices. What caused the problem and who takes the capacity away? Below is a brief summary on possible reasons of capacity lack in Micro SD Card.
1. Error caused by the different evaluating systems of the manufacturer and the operating platforms. The two parties apply different standards respectively as below.
The manufacturer uses decimal: 1GB = 1000MB = 1000000KB = 1000000000byte
The operating system uses binary: 1GB = 1024MB = 1048576KB = 1073741824byte
After conversion, the nominal capacity of 1GB approximately equals to the actual capacity of 0.93GB. In this case, the greater the capacity of micro sd card memory flash card is, the greater the conversion error is.
2. Space occupied by system files
As with the hard disk, flash disk also applies FAT file system. FAT file system includes MBR master boot partition, FAT file allocation table and ROOT directory area and so on. After the partition and format, the system will take up some space on the hard disk to make it available to system files.
For the above two reasons, the actual capacity and nominal capacity in most Micro sd card are not totally the same.

Source: www.aslongdeal.com

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