Review of Smartwatch Market after Samsung Tizen Watch Exceeds Android Wear

Smartwatch becomes a real hit after Apple releases its first Apple watch and some other renowned brands, like Huawei, Samsung, HTC, 360, had also gradually release medium and high end smartwatch. Most predicts smartwatch will become the next center of smart life or IOT, to re-start a new smart generation just like smart phone. At the same time, the smart watch OS giant, Google also wants to release their android wear to compete with Apple. However, Google’s smartwatch are not so stable and only release to those big companies with certified licenses. It’s standard version for massive operation are not well ready till now when Samsung releases its Tizen powered smart watch.

Though Google based smartwatch are also shipped in large quantity, the problem is very few brands have joined the game and very few developers are involved. It’s all but managed by Google only, not open as android system that becomes very popular and powerful as all developers joining for optimization. Currently, the matter is Samsung has tried to get rid of Google in Watch market just like what they tried in smartphone but failed. It’s now Google Android wear stands in the same line with Samsung Tizen OS in terms of Open source and developers, or the former encounters much bad conditions as more and more OEM brands have lost the confidence, but Samsung can extend its OS to all product line in its ecosystem.

Maybe just because of Google’s great success on Android, it becomes more cautious than ever before and want to offer the best user experience to all OEM brands and all end users. It only release the best software or OS to those big brands or design companies, wishing to work further and closers with them to make Google a higher brands. But those middle or entry level brands have lost confidence and search for something else as replacement. This has greatly affected its process of optimization or progress in the help of millions of developers and brands in different countries like in its early android stage.

It’s true that smartwatch market will become booming as each big brands’ ecosystem are well optimized gradually, but those smaller brands will also find its way out. Even in the white brand market, lots of best cheap smartwatch are also available based on android system. Innovation is everywhere and the market will become much active than ever before when new leaders come out, just like Tizen watch becomes hot in the market.

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