Several Stage of Action Camera Market Development

Gopro action cameras became a real hit since 2013 when s devices shipment almost reached 4 million. Geeks and sports lovers all over the world wear eagerly to become one of the owners of Gopro camera. Gopro has earned great profits and got IPO as a result in this professional market. However, the devices are expensive and cannot be afforded by most people, this is why some other new brands also Squeezed, targeting at middle and entry level market.

The first batch are SJCAM company who released SJCAM 4000 action camera with almost the same chipset, hard and software, but only sold at half or one third of Gopro devices with the same function. SJCAM and its imitator brands are most located in Shenzhen, another place of valley silicon for electronics products, with over hundreds of thousands of software and hardware engineers for electronics. Action cameras become normal products just like smartphone gradually.

Local brands in different regions and countries also jointed in this market, as they believe the current software and hardware are already standard and ready for massive production and they could earn relatively higher profits.

At the same time, Lots of white brand standard but highly powerful products are shipped all over the world. This is why almost all end users can find the best cheap action camera anywhere both online and in retailing stores.

Very Soon, some internet related companies, has also joined in this competition. Xiaomi, a leading one among these companies, has quickly released some highly competitively models, much powerful but cheaper than all competitors’ products. As it goes further and accumulated more and more experience, it tried to challenge the leading position of Gopro by promoting high end action camera with much higher spec, better user experience but lower price. It has combined the merits of both sports and consuming electronics.

It now gradually becomes a market in which Gopro still plays as the leader, but some powerful challengers and lots of middle and entry level competitors.

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