Tips for Selecting Outdoor Sleeping Bag

When going out for camping, it’s necessary to choose the ideal sleeping bag to extend the joy and provide essential shelter and protection. Main factors to consider when selecting the best cheap backpacking sleeping bag includes the size, material, temperature rating etc.

The size of a sleeping bag refers to the space it covers when fully spread out. It directly affects the degree of heat insulation and the comfort degree. With too big size, the heat can be lost easily at night. With too small one, it will be no enough space to sleep in. Even though reluctantly stuffed in, it will be not comfortable. Thus it’s necessary to measure the height and then refer to the parameter of it illustrated in the specification. Usually the suitable height will be clearly revealed in the specification.

When it comes to the material, it involves two aspects: the outer shell and the liner. The outer shell or the cover part is generally made from synthetic material such as nylon and polyester. These materials generally feature in light weight, waterproof and wind resistant characteristics. As for the inside liner material, it shall meet requirement of being waterproof and quickly-dried features. Commonly used material includes synthetic fabrics. Thus for the choosing of material, please note good waterproof and quick-dried features are very important.

Temperature rating reflects the temperature the sleeping bag is best used at. This index is generally displayed on the surface of slumber bags for kids. There are basically three types of bags in the market for different seasons: summer type, three-season type, winter type. For high temperatures, summer type is suggested. For cool days such as in spring, autumn or early summer, three season type is very useful. As for winter style sleeping bag, there is an extra thermal material which ensures good heat insulation. Thus it’s good choice for cold days in winter.

For outdoor use, sleeping bag shall also be light in weight and with a compact size. All those will help add portability and convenience and comfort to the outdoor experience.