Where to Put Water Bottle on Bike

Water bottles are important gadgets for cycling, especially in outdoors. Where to put them on bikes is one of the most interesting topics.

Theoretically, water bottles can be placed on any places on bicycles, even on cyclist’s backpack bag. However, not all places are ideal choices. Just as with the backpacking water bag, cyclists will feel not only hot but also heavy to carry while riding. This will great reduce the cycling experience, especially outdoors in summer.

Recommended Place to put bike water bottle:

Tripod frame on bike is the best place to install water bottle cage. This is because tripod is most table places and will not cause imbalance while driving. Another good place is also the beam below the seat. MTB bike obligates some places to install bike bottle cage. Other bikes, cyclists can use ribbon or some other accessory gadgets to fix.

Water Bottle Holder for Bike

Non- recommended place to put bike water bottle

Handle bar is also the place cyclist usually put water bottles. But it’s not a good idea to do so especially when too much water is carried or the riding conditions are not ideal for outdoors. Putting water bottles on handlebar will cause the bicycle out of balance.

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