The Krampus of Cleveland (Outline)

For b-roll, I plan on getting footage of Krampus in costume, as well as footage of them showing off different masks and pieces of the costume. On December 3rd, there will be an event where I will film Krampus interacting with people; this will be the rest of my b-roll.

Tonight, I will be meeting with Liz Ziots and Ed, who are both active members of Krampus of Cleveland.

Possible Questions to ask:

-Who is “Krampus” and where did he come from?

-How did this organization start?

-What is your role in Krampus of Cleveland?

-Why do you do what you do?

-What is your occupation outside of Krampus events?

-What do you think Krampus does for the community?

-Where do you get these costumes/how are they made?

-What do you want people to know about the Krampus of Cleveland?

I expect the video story to focus on the Krampus of Cleveland as an organization, while my written story will go more into detail about the origin of Krampus folklore.

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