The Beach And The Sand

I lied there with my eyes wide open in a gaze, the sound of my brothers snore competed with the birds chirping for who was more loud. Orange streaks from the sun painted the wall as the rays shown through the window blinds. The orange streaks soon turned into a blinding white blob. The sounds of the frying pan and the smell of bacon brought me to my feet, for eggs and bacon always got my excited in the mornings. I chowed down the plate that my mom already set for me, and made the short run on the dew covered grass till my feet touched the cold sand, that sent a shiver up my body. I strolled upon my dad fishing with the same enthusiasm as if fishing never gets boring. I always new where to find my dad, on that same weathered rock by the ocean with his fishing pole in hand. On the third fish I saw my dad catch, my brother Isaac slowly strolled over to greet us. I always wondered why it was hard for him to get up, he is only 8 years old and he acts like he is an old grandpa when he gets out of bed. Today is the eve of my 5th birthday and when we go home I will have to go start going to Kindergarten. I am so scared to start school because when I think about school, It’s like I am staring a mountain with no way to get to the other side without going through the eighteen year tunnel. I am overwhelmed as all these feelings come over me, but I find relief in the fact that I will be gaining many more friends. I just can’t wait for that day when I can say “Finally I am done after eighteen years of this.”

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