Dear Morning

Dear Morning,

I never seemed to enjoy your company. Why do you always have to pull me out of bed? I stay up way too late with Night, and I just want to stay up a little more. Oh, how much I hate the feeling you give me. When you wake me up it always make me drowsy and sluggish. For the longest time, I hated this feeling, until you introduced me to someone. She is someone who comes to me every morning and wakes me up. She is my comfort and I can’t imagine life without her. I am proud to say that Coffee and I are going into our fourth year in our relationship. However, just because I have Coffee, it doesn’t mean I like you. You also give me headaches and joint pains that are sometimes unbearable. You make things so much more difficult than they have to be. The simple task of making breakfast is so much more difficult when I am struggling to navigate my way through the kitchen. Every day, you depress me and I hope you know… I hate you and because of you I am looking to move to Alaska, where there will be twenty-four hours of sunlight. And, I won’t have to deal with you in the summer time. 


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