School Lunch Experience

For many students, including myself, the school lunch is the most convenient way to eat lunch at school. I prefer the hot meals over cold sandwiches, that I would have if I packed my own lunch. As the smell of the food lingers in the halls, my stomach craves the source of the scent.

Today’s meal is chicken nuggets with mac and cheese. The school lunch comes with a side of; fruit, dessert, and a carton of milk for a bargain of three dollars. The macaroni looked exceptionally delicious today with a golden sauce protecting the noodles from the air around them. The chicken nuggets appeared the same as I have always seen them served. The five nuggets were packed in a box that had absorbed the grease from the chicken nuggets.

After I paid for the three dollar meal, I proceeded to my seat with a plastic fork and napkin in my hand. I took my first bite of the golden noodles and cheese, the flavor of the cheese was absolute perfection that exploded in my mouth. As I started chewing, I discovered flaws in the noodles. The noodles were now soggy and were not as satisfying as fresh Mac and Cheese usually tastes. The disadvantages of eating in the seventh period, which is the third lunch period, is that noodles have been sitting for over an hour and the fresh quality is gone. On top of that, the chicken nuggets were dried out making them chewy and crust’s hard. The soft and moist texture of the meat I desired was gone.

The food did not meet the expectation that I had been looking forward to for the meal. The lack of quality in the meal disappointed me. To improve quality and taste the school needs to cook fresh food for every individual period of lunch. When the school cooks food once and keeps it warm for over an hour, it causes the quality of the food is poor for the later lunch periods. I don’t recommend the Macaroni and Cheese that the schools offers unless you get it as soon it has been prepared, otherwise your experience will be a disappointment.

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