Five Funny University Students Problems

Once I heard someone saying that student is a phase of eating, texting, watching Television while having an open book in front. I totally agreed to it when I look back to my university days — time of total messed up days and freaked nights, having no idea what we are doing and why.

Common University Students Problems:

One of the common problem students are facing and so did I was time management because studding along watching seasons, following football, reading novels seem so monotonous that we couldn’t manage time for making assignments and study notes. The biggest hurdle in those days to me was surfing, collecting data on net with the issues of not getting what the author or writer wants to say. For that purpose once a friend recommended me dictionary and asked me to keep it while studying as it will share half of your burden.

Indeed language is a problem in our college, university struggling days that is why I download Free English Urdu dictionary to at least minimize the language and understanding damage but there are some other funny reasons which did and do exist and we have highlighted that all:

1. Getting Late for University:

The monster of getting late and being relegated use to panic all school and university going student even office professionals. The output in most of the cases was missed important lecture and mostly that was the part asked in finals. Teachers be like on your every day late excuses:

2. Social problems:

Not all are lucky to have good friends. Most of them you are required to be friend with those who are too tough to tolerate. The best solution to evolve and increase your social circle is to do party with them and learn how to adjust only then can they help you out in your courses, lectures and the university time will be fun.

3. Time management:

Yes this is one of the major problem and needs catering. Mange time accordingly but it doesn’t mean to cut yourself off from all the life shenanigans. Solution is combine study as friends or groups are the best source of imparting knowledge than solo study as they can explain and let you understand every complex math problems or Darwin evolutionary theory including MATLAB tutorials.

4. Home sickness:

Admit it or not most of the university students feel home sickness at one point and want to relinquish everything behind. Staying more than 5 hours away from home, missing your breakfast, taking study tension and then stomach upset because of daily luncheons from café etc have adverse effects. Solution is stay connected, bring lunch from home and kick the home sickness away.

5. Depression:

Depression reduces attention and in long run affects your mental health. It causes bad grades and scolding doses from parents. Solution is to share the burden with friends or plan meeting when in need what else friends are for.