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This article was initially published on the website of Policy Center for the New South.

Almost 25 years have passed since the fourth world conference on women in Beijing in 1995, where governments and women’s rights organizations adopted the Beijing Platform for Action to advance women’s rights globally. Last November 2019, I attended a Paris Peace Forum panel on ‘how to make the Generation Equality Forum of May-July 2020 a transformational moment’. The Generation Equality Forum aims at celebrating the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action.

According to the panel speakers at the Paris Peace…

How I was raped and intuitively pretended to like it. #metoo

A couple of years ago, after a big break-up, I radically changed my lifestyle. It led me to become a nomad, a gender activist, new economy expert and freedom evangelist. I am a proud and happy Moroccan-French woman who owns her life, work, independence and above all her sexuality.

One of the major topics that came up increasingly to me over these years of travels, feminism and social change is the one of consent. Consent is the basis of everything. This short video explains it better than any definition.

It makes a simple parallel between sex and tea: If…

Part 2: Insights about our Identity, Relationships and Sexuality

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Credits Konstantin Lunarine

In my previous article about my job-out and coming out, I shared about my process of deep transformation, coming from both love and pain. Reshuffling what success meant for me led me to question my own identity and the way we relate to one another in our “permanent-beta” societies. In my personal identity struggle over the past eight years “I went from labeling myself as heterosexual to lesbian, then bisexual, and finally now, hyper-gender”. I’ve loved men, women, couples. I’ve had intense emotional affairs with friends. I can imagine a domestic life scoped around more than one partner. And none…

Part 1 - Exploring identity and society beyond stereotypes

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Caption: Stromae — “Tous les mêmes”

Six years ago, I fell in love with my soulmate, who happened to be a woman. Like myself, she had grown up in Morocco and came to study and work in France. We spent 3 beautiful years together in Paris, until the reality of life caught up with us. …

Asmaa Guedira

Gender advocate, new economy catalyst, speaker, writer, facilitator and nomad —

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