Stop trying to please everyone, say NO and love yourself.

Life brings you in many situations where you don’t know whether to say yes or no. Makes you even wonder if you are making the right decision or not and how your response will impact the person you are replying to. I don’t understand why we tend to worry about the other person and not worry about ourselves first? We can’t expect to live happily trying to please everyone around us .Saying yes is not a problem for us adults. We say yes all the time without knowing if we actually mean it or not. We just care about what the other person would do if we say no. So there we start overthinking about what if’s and literally put ourselves into so much pressure and mess our brains.

Why do you need to trap yourself in making the right decision? Why not ask yourself does this actually make you happy? Do you feel content by the choice you made? Well I don’t think so, you will live with it for some time and try to adapt to the situation as much as possible thinking everything will fall into place but still regret inside why you didn’t make the right decision. People should stand up for themselves, learn to say NO for things they do not like and learn to love them-self more. You are free to make your own choices and your own decision. You don’t have to give them a reason why you made that decision. So make your own choices. And no one is going to judge you and who cares if they do? They’re not living your life. It’s you who is going to live with it!

And you don’t need to get into a relationship to feel love; it doesn’t have to be from the opposite sex. It can be your parents, siblings, cousins, best friend and mainly from yourself because in the end it’s just going to be you .But I think real love starts when you actually start loving yourself despite all the flaws you see in yourself. By treating yourself better you’ll know how you want to be treated. So take a break go enjoy life, pamper yourself, shop until you drop (not literally) ,take opportunities ,and live life like there’s no tomorrow but remember God is always watching you :)

So girls ,guys anyone reading this right now stop trying to please everyone, say no and love yourself.