Masturbation Turkish man in the face Woman Sleeping on Bus Causes Outrage

ISTANBUL — The public outrage occurred in Turkey after an employee of a bus company man caught masturbating in the face of a woman passenger who fell asleep on the bus.
The story, the woman boarded the bus which was traveling from Mugla to Istanbul on Tuesday. In the course of that, employees of Metro Turizm bus identified by the initials G.G. reportedly began masturbating next to a woman who is identified by the initials C.D., in which he attacks asleep.
Suddenly, she was awakened by the sound of men who had ejaculated on her face and clothes.
“I was tempted and I did it,” said the actor told his boss, as quoted by Hurriyet Daily News.
With the help of other passengers, who happened to be a lawyer, the woman contacted the relevant authorities, known as the Gendarmerie, who met the bus at the next stop.
Victims waited for almost an hour with sperm in his face-as evidence to the relevant authorities arrived.
Turkey assistant admitted masturbating on passenger bus as the company apologized
An assistant bus passenger accused of masturbating on a woman while she slept in the vehicle intercity trip to Istanbul was reported to have claimed the attack, while the bus company, Metro Turizm, has issued a public apology for the incident.
Feronsik medical reports also confirmed the incident was embarrassing Turkish man. Metro Turizm Parties recognize the nefarious work of its employees and apology to the victims and the Turkish public.
“Initially, we did not think that was possible. It sounds surreal because you can not imagine something like this happening in a bus full of people, “said board member companies Metro Turizm, Mustafa Yildirim, told Hurriyet, who described the attack as an” incident pain “.
Chairman of Metro Turizm say that the actions of its employees against a woman on the bus can not be accepted.
“Believe me, we are not on the same side with this immoral man,” said Ozturk, who are ready to impose severe penalties.
The company released an apology on its website and make sure to take steps to avoid a recurrence of similar attacks.
“We have decided our relationship with the employee concerned and this issue has been dealt with legal authorities to investigate thoroughly,” said the company.
The case has sparked a public demonstration in front of the Metro Turizm in the northwestern province of Eskisehir. Demonstrators demanded those responsible for the attack to justice.

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