Stop Eating! 7 Foods Can Make Stupid

You probably know that healthy food is definitely struggling with a range of fruit and vegetables. but maybe you do not really know what foods can makes your brain function decline or more simply, make you stupid.
If you want to know what foods can make you stupid, then these foods that you should avoid.

processed foods
Processed meats such as corned beef, sausage, etc. are generally minimal nutrients and lots of preservative chemical content of food. Not only contain MSG long time can damage the brain, but also pose a risk of cancer.

Alcohol is never good for the body. Not only will only complicate the performance of the kidney, but also causes the brain cells to the damaged hospital. No wonder if you think hard if often drink alcohol.

Artificial sweeteners
Long-term consumption of artificial sweeteners could cause damage to the brain cells and also reduce the ability of memory and thinking power.

junk food
High in calories and easy to make body fat, junk food can also make your brain is in pain because of the large amount of sugar and salt in junk food. Not to mention the food preservatives and cooking oil are generally also lead to high cholesterol.

Cigarettes contain nicotine and many other harmful chemical compounds that not only destroys the brain cells but also other organs. Cigarette consumption can impede blood circulation, glucose processing and transfer of oxygen in the body. Not only cause premature aging, but also increases the likelihood of cancer.

Savory salty foods
Fried is one girih salty foods that could actually make your brain function decline. The food is too salty could hurt and kill brain cells. Salt can thicken the blood, and slow the intake of oxygen to the brain so that the brain can not work optimally.

Most sugar consumption not only causes diabetes but also makes the brain is damaged. Sugar can cause neurological disorders and mess up the system memory can even interfere with the brain to learn new things.

So, if you want to keep your brain healthy and smart, it helps if you do not eat a lot -food above.


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