I Need Your Finger to hold to walk through

“Your Parents bring you from heaven to earth and a Mentor again takes you the heaven”

People say that behind every successful person, there is a lady who made him successful. But I say behind every person who is successful, there is a mentor who taught all the skills of being successful.

I do not say that I am a successful person, but today, who am I, a few achievements which I attained are mainly due to one of the person who always proved for me as a mentor. When I was in 2nd Class of school, I went to the rostrum for the first time and after that I never looked behind; I never stopped. I won many Inter-Collegiate, All Pakistan and many other competitions in debating and other extracurricular activities.

Then, while choosing my field in university, biotechnology, my mentor, which I would mention later, realized me who I am and what should I do. What are my potentials and what are the weaknesses related to me. How I could make progress and how I could polish myself. Why I am different from rest of the world, as everyone is different from rest of the world. What are the pros and cons if I do this.

I think that today, and in future, if I will make some progress or do a work worthy, much of the credit goes to my aunt who is Associate Professor herself.

Thanks Khala for grooming me, for shaping me, for making me known to my own self, for admiring me, for motivating me and for making me a proud citizen.