Never Give Up; Funds Raising for Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation is world renowned NGO for helping poor in more than one way. We, as a team, including my fellow members, tried to make a bit effort through our services to assist Edhi Foundation.

We made visits of different institutions and public places in order to achieve our goal. We had faced many problems like:

· Conveyance

· Link

· Contacting all team members at a time

· Selection of destinations

· Time management

· Other regular activities like university classes

· Regretting by our own university

· Disappointment

· Fear of embarrassment

· Engaging different parties

Beside all these problems we made our effort. We were strictly banned to collect donation in our own university as we also lost our donation box in this process. Then we visited other places like:

· Govt. College University, Faisalabad

· Govt. College University for Women, Madina Town, Faisalabad

· Superior College, Faisalabad

· Punjab College for boys, Faisalabad

· Punjab College for Women, Faisalabad

· Koh e Noor City, Faisalabad (Including almost all shops like Forks n Knives, Sariya’s, etc)

· Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad (Including almost all the Shops)

In review of all such struggle, what we learned if summed up in one word then it is, “Never Give Up”. We were rejected at many places and sometimes we really felt embarrassment but what we learned is never give up. If we continue what we are doing, as we did, we will be awarded and Allah Subhan hu wa Taala said in The Holy Qur’an:

“وَاَنْ لَّیْسَ لِلْاِنْسَانِ اِللَّا مَا سَعٰی”


(An Najm: 39)

So the article could be summarized as:

“Try try try, till you succeed”.