Oh…… You Really Want to be Interesting? Be Interested.

21st century, when the earth shrinks to a global village, and, where different countries are its different streets, we, the people have become so in touch that we don’t feel apart by our relatives living in the continent which was not been thought to be the part of this planet before 15th century.

Contrary to it, just on the other hand, we, the same people, are so apart that we don’t even remember the person walking besides us while being so engaged with the cellphone.

Idea was continuously hanging in my mind by a couple of months that what if we become passionate positively about other’s and be interested about other’s hardships? Dale Carnegie’s book: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” helped me in thinking such a way.

I made a survey by chatting with people I know personally and the people I don’t know. The results were amazing. People really wants a savior, in other words, who listen to them. Obviously, everyone couldn’t solve the problems of the entire world, but, it’s human’s nature that sharing relieves anxiety and helps in facing the problems manly.

The second thing was even more exciting, when you make interest in people, people make interest in you. Somehow, we can say, it’s a two-way process of being interested and being interesting. If you really want to be interesting, be interested.

I often heard, everyone lives for his/ her own life, the charm is when you live others.

I put this quote on official road to glory and here too, I got fantastic results. Companies really want the employees who are interested in them and definitely those people become interesting by the companies and as a result they collect some extra coins.