Yes, you heard it right. People will mock you, laugh at you, grind you, and put you down. Can we change everybody around this world? No. Then what can we change our way of receiving this extra baggage, our perspective of seeing their views, and our attitude in dealing with them?

Do their way of thinking matter? Yes, it does, only to learn new lessons. If you were thrown to the soil, sprout back! Grow, stand tall, and spread your beauty and fragrance. They will be attracted back to you with time bringing a mouth full of antonyms with them for all the words they used to describe you. Give them a bright smile, with a heart full of gratitude to your lord because you believed in you at first place.

-Aazmao #aazmao_writes



Yes, I annoyed, I was confused.

Yes, I defended, I was threatened.

I did sting and fright,

they attracted me with colors, bright.

I didn’t hate those gardeners,

but I did appreciate pardoners.

You did want honey,

then it’s no more funny.

Why put me in gloom,

I helped those flowers bloom.

They needed me, so as I…

Let me bee, allow me fly…




An incident that happened last week taught me that no matter how worse the circumstances, be yourself, be kind, and show the guts & patience to portray what you are. Even though you might face hatred, jealousy, or misbehavior, do not react back to them in a rude behavior that you feel they deserve then.

Let your kindness and good manners speak for you. Keep your calm. There will come a day not too far where they will realize and cry in guilt for their mistakes for not showing you the gratitude & empathy you deserved. Seeing that will heal all the pain they caused to you in seconds, making you feel pity for them. That day thank your god. This way, you will be free of guilt!



Mesmerizing is the sky,

how amazing is your shy.

Lucky are the wings that touch you high,

every time I gaze at you, I wish I’d fly.

When you pour; is it tears of joy,

or I wonder do you really cry.

That sparkle of you at night,

has stares from every eye.

To sun can you deny,

the moon you do rely,

the sand can you leave it dry,

to stars can you say goodbye.



Our story began here

the signs were everywhere.

We laughed, played, and matured.

With happiness and peace, the pillars stood.

This place was full of familiar voices,

sibling’s fun, tantrums & rejoices.

Sleepy, lazy & hazy days,

getup my hasty one says.

The vacations I took to spend holidays before

my favorite corners were not handsome anymore.

Alas! Without them, this place may also be cemetery

rooms surrounded by wild poetry.

Without loved ones, it was a temporary haven I dwelled on,

I realized everything about home felt so heavy in my heart,

that day I took a one-way ticket and moved on.

© Aazmao





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