Activity: Khudi and Self Learning through your own Blog

Part 1: Edhi Sb reading

Edhi sahab whole life is actually full of examples for charity. But it’s really impressive to read about his childhood that how his mother teaches him about humanity. The best thing from these pages about edhi sahab (which I also know formerly) is that he learns about giving 1 paisa from his pocket money instead of saving or purchasing something tasty as a child. But I also impressed by one thing that how he helped the man who is lying outside platform of shattered bus stop. Now days our child not have any teaching about charity we always thing that the baggers are profession of these people and we don’t have to help them. I also accepted it that baggers are mostly professionals now days but there are also some baggers which are needy and if we ever help someone then we can easily judge that which one is professional and which one is needy. We talk about all of them without judging, without talking to them. And also we consider every needy person as a bagger believe me if we really help someone with our heart then our also get the reward (as edhi sahab finds his teacher). About two years ago (July, 2015), i visited Swat Valley with my family. We reached Kalam at 3:00 P.M. and we planned to visit Mahodand Lake but the local people said that it’s too late and no any jeep available. Then we start searching about hotel and delay our program for next day. On the way to hotel my brother saw a jeep and an old Pathan sleeping inside it. My brother told my father and they both greet with him, the first thing he told my father is “bhai mjy bas khana khila do main sab ko lay jaun ga” ( as my brother told to us that he is looking like a “CHARSI” and my father also said that he looks like but we have to feed him. After 15 20 minutes he call all of us that come I will make your journey unforgettable (and really it was). At 3:45P.M to start our journey and he cover the distance in 1 hour 15 minutes. He provides us all the information about lakes and other points. We all are surprised that how we arrived at Mahodand Lake in just 1:15 hour even he is not drive rashly also entertain us, provide all the information about his area. When we reached Mahodand Lake and enjoying the beauty and boating. We wish to eat wish but it’s really expensive and my father told we eat another time. When we ready to go back the Kalam, Rozi Gull (driver of jeep) surprised us with cooked fish (which he caught and cook by himself) and said to us it’s my gift for whole family. I can never forget the taste of that trout in my whole life and the stay at the house of rozi gull (the traditional simple food and Paanni wali chay). At the end he said to us I was at the same point for two days and everyone thinks am a charsi and not safe for their families. I think if we trust someone and talk to them and judge them and help them without thinking our reward then Allah is always there to give us better reward.

Part 2 of your blog post: Your #juststart project

In my just started project I mentioned about two fears which I face and because of these I can’t do paragliding and parasailing. These two are my dream and I wish to do this for my happiness for my own passion. I even don’t want to become a professional in these two but just for my wish, passion and want to do it lot of times. At the moment , it’s my biggest wish and whenever I see people doing paragliding in real I got afraid and I feels like they will fall ,just because of this I never try it . People from my circle sometimes laugh at me that I don’t have enough passion and strength to do it and they think it’s not a big deal. But for me it’s a game of life or death. In 2016 i go to do paragliding with my siblings.

To overcome this phobia I mostly visit the Islamabad and Azad Kashmir with family. And now I am able to hick a mountain (but if someone is there to hold my hand hahahaha). Recently I go to Malam Jaba , on the way I was too much afraid and about to cry but my family is always with me to help out me. Recently from malam jabba I experienced that it’s too much scary but I can do these all for a while. In next I will try to hick a mountain without holding someone’s hand.(inshALLAH)