Stop Child abuse

After making plan, we started working on the mega project “Child abuse awareness and victim rehabilitation”. Every work wants full attention and dedication to perform it and nothing is possible without putting your full potential. But whenever you start a task, obstacles are ready to combat with you. Then the only formula comes into account “Never give up”. We adopted this as well as accomplished our efforts with dedication.

  1. What was the challenges and their solution

When we started working the first problem which we to face with, is arrangement of seminar.

Firstly, some schools didn’t allow us to conduct seminar, but when we personally met them and explain them what we want to do, and what will be the benefit. Then they allow us for seminar.

Secondly, many people told us that it is very sensitive topic change it or pick some other, but we remained adamant on it and told them, why we would ignore this topic we have already lost many children in their childhood. We will perform on the topic of child abuse.

Thirdly, we have faced another thing that victim did not tell, what happen to him. He show some guilt. But we made sure them that you are not guilty, why should you have to be when you did nothing wrong, while that person have to be guilty who did the wrong.

2. What was the outcome and scale of your project

By the channel of seminar, in which we also conducted a workshop for children, many children honed the strategies to keep themselves saved.

Victims, which we met in hospital, reviving speedily.

It will generate a sound society with good moral values.

3. Where your project able to impact the individual or make a difference in society

Research have showed that often those people did abuse who have himself victimized in childhood. So our step will save the children and they will save the next generation.

In fact the children are our future they will hold the command of this country after us and the only way to boost their abilities is to save their childhood and we are doing the same.

4. Perceive and approach in future

Through this practical activity, we acquired a lot of tactics and society behavior. It actually proved us insight of real practical and pragmatic work. It made us feel good that we are genuinely doing some worthy task. We will implement all the things into our individual life and will carry on the mission in future.

5. Will you continue the this project in future

Yes, definitely we will continue this mission in future because it gave the real happiness. We didn’t find such a jubilance even after passing the exam. But when you changed someone life it make you proud.