There are many things in life which I want to do like working for an NGO, do my PhD from Germany and publish one of the best researches and I hope that I will do these all things. But parasailing and paragliding is one of my dreams and I never do it in my life even got chance to do all these activities. This is because I have Acrophobia and basophobia (the fear of height and falling) and because of these I can’t trust my sense of balance. I always try my best to overcome these two fears and even my family is very supportive about this. My mother told me that in childhood I also have fear to take a step from stairs.

The three tasks which I can do to overcome my fear are:

1. Start hiking of mountains ( specially with my sister Nuzhat coz she’s too supportive in this matter and I already start this point)

2. Go to paragliding and parasailing activities and lookout the feeling and excitement of people who done this first time and motivate myself more to achieve this goal and overcome my fear

3. To save a reasonable amount of money so I can take some flights with the trainers. In first one am sure my eyes will be close and it take time to enjoy my ride.

inshAllah I will do these all in a day.

i also feel fear to watch the pics related to mountain or something related to height then I decided to put them on home screen, its irritate me for few weeks but after that I stat enjoying these pics and see the real beauty of nature .

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