When the “Just Do It” Nike Principle comes into play

I was sat down in my bed reading the newest book of Brendon Burchard, “The Motivation Manifesto”, when I realized I’d been doing little for myself this week. I always have some weird sensation, like anxiety when there’s something I have to do, but I’m not doing anything at all. It’s a sensation that I’m not making any progress.

Suddenly, I realized that the problem is that I’m not following a simple principle i understood a few years back when I was attending a seminar in Fundación Claves. It is the famous principle of Nike (called that way by Max Ogles in his new book), “Just Do It”. I noticed that the last week I had been reading a lot of material, but I hadn’t done anything like writing posts, or doing something else about my life.

When I was doing that seminar, I mentioned few years back. I had to do some work that required me to use all my creative expression. At that time, I had a guitar with me, so I played it when I needed to push my creative expression. When I did this, I started to get ideas for my creative work. I remember that as a good anchor to understand that creativity only comes when actioning.

Now I realized that if I don’t do anything about my life, I will remain in the same state. It’s like Newton said in his laws of motion: A body in a restful state will remain that way until a force pushes it into movement. Same way, a body in movement tends to remain that way.

What I want to say is that if I don’t start doing anything right away, I won’t do anything in the next few hours at least. So I decided to start writing this article as soon as I realized about that, just as a way to start doing something right now.

So the conclusion for this learning is: When you don’t know what’s going on, but you can do anything despite you want to, just do it. Just start doing anything until you find the path. Just Do It.

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