4 Ways to Build Trust Within Your Team

Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

Maybe you have worked for someone or with someone who has an issue with trusting other people, and already know what a pain it is to be around. You, as an employee, were hired to do your job, and yet you aren’t given the space to do it because there are so many checks and balances that it is wastes yours and everyone else’s time. You feel underminded, undervalued, and unappreciated.

Of course, harboring a lack of trust doesn’t encourage teamwork, but instead pushes people away. Nobody should have to endure that. So, what do you do when trust is lacking on your team? Lead by example.

Here are four ways for you to build trust right now:

1. To build trust, be the first to trust others.

The old saying doesn’t say that someone is guilty until proven innocent, but they are innocent until proven guilty. It’s crazy to me that so many people think it’s the other way around, but the underlying message here is that there are so many individuals who have a problem with trusting other people. This being said, to increase trust, you must not be afraid of it yourself. Don’t expect the people on your team to trust each other if you cannot first trust the people on your team. Remember that everything, including trust, begins with you. And if things do happen to go wrong, remember that you can only point a finger at yourself. Whether it was a lack of communication, a lack of drive, or you didn’t have the right people on your team, taking responsibility is leadership work. Following this rule of trust will create an environment where a team leans on each other for advice and help, rather than a team who resists it.

2. To build trust, actually be a part of the team.

Stop wondering why your team doesn’t trust you when you are always isolating yourself. More trust always comes through building stronger relationships, and for this to happen, you must be present to help your team make decisions, to encourage them, to listen to them with an open mind, and to work alongside them. Never forget the extremely important role that communication has in building trust.

3. To build trust, be honest.

Being truly honest can be the most difficult thing about being on a team, because sometimes the truth hurts. But truth spoken with love is the only way for trust to take place. Just as much as trust incudes encouragement, true honesty is vital for trust to take place. Trust means that you know that the other people on your team will tell you what you need to hear, because they care about the outcome just as much as you do. Being honest is just one of the many parts of being on a team.

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4. To build trust, be consistent.

Consistency is the foundation of trust. Let’s face it — many people just aren’t reliable. They say they will do something and they don’t. When this happens, trust is impossible. Simply put, people who are reliable are trusted. Be relable; be consistent.

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When you are the first to trust others, are a part of the team, are honest with others, and are consistent, you can expect to build trust within your team. Now, share this post with everyone on your team to build even more trust.