Leading Stops When There Aren’t Boundaries Being Pushed

Many times pushing boundaries feels terrible, because usually, you’re doing it alone. Not many people want to be out in front of the competition, spending money or precious time on ideas that they don’t know will work. But the main idea behind leading is that you’re out in front, treading new ground, clearing the path for others to follow. Every great leader went before it was ‘easy’ and made it easier for those who would come later. Yes, leading is hard work, but pushing the boundaries is the only way to get others to begin seeing the world from a different perspective. And seeing things differently is the only way for change to take place. Not all ideas are great, or even good for that matter, but if innovation is important (which it is), then always striving for newness is yet another important part of leading well. Yes, this can be scary work, but it is important work, and important work must be done. This being said, it is important to find the way or ways that you can creatively begin pushing boundaries in your own work.

Keep being out front, keep pushing boundaries, and keep bringing about good change. This is the only way to lead.

Originally published at asmithblog.com.