What Are Your Inflection Points?

Change happens. Sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the best, but the thing that remains constant in the midst of change is our ability to do something with it.

When change happens, have you ever thought…

I experienced this myself, but never want anyone else to experience it, so I’m going to do something about it?


I experienced this myself, and it was such a life-changing moment, that I want everyone else to experience it?

These are inflection points. When you can recognize these moments, it’s not only important to capture them, but to do something with these curves in life. The bigger the dip in your curve, the greater the possibility for a resounding bounce back. Great ideas, remarkable inventions, and life-altering organizations have been created because of these inflection points. Don’t miss them when they come. This is what turns glorious/miserable mistakes and experiences into opportunities.

Originally published at asmithblog.com on June 28, 2017.