The UX secret that will ruin apps for you.

Trust is built in, by making you wait…?

Turns out, faster isn’t always better. Sometimes a slower interaction can actually make folks feel more reassured. And it makes perfect sense. Braden Kowitz, design partner at Google Ventures explains, “Let’s say you sit down at a restaurant, you order food, and it comes out one minute later. Is that a good thing?”

Uh, no.. gross. Who just sent that back, right?

Like a fresh sandwich should take an appropriate amount of time to prepare, our puny human brains think searching for the best price on a flight, or being approved for a loan, should naturally take our computer longer than other functions. As these requests seem more complex. We design our interfaces to “act” like they are working harder for us, and thus more honestly.

In the meantime, I wish some of these loaders were more fun.

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