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In this article we will have a look at the upcoming release of the KIRA Manager, the new Upgrade Module, deployment modes and recommended network architectures that will help you prepare for the incentivized games.

It’s recommended that before proceeding you have a look at following articles mentioning older functionalities…

We are excited to announce a new listing for KEX token. On June 17'th at 8 AM UTC the token will be available for trading at

This is another important step in providing our token holders with liquidity and wider market access via secure and trusted listing partners.


Objective: KIRA Network deployment software compatibility between different host operating systems, architectures and environments


  • Minimum 32GB of the free storage space
  • Disposable cloud instance, or VM
  • Minimum 3GB of RAM
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed on the host instance or VM
  • Stable internet connection with at least 10 Mbps download…

Don’t Trust. Verify. Twice.

The main objective is to send Testnet tokens to the provided address. During this competition you will import and start a virtual machine, setup MetaMask, identify the challenge deposit address and transfer test tokens into it.

Follow instructions and document every step of your execution with…

Best Practices & What to Look out For

KIRA Network we will be exploring further security best practices and things to look out for when exercising crypto etiquette. Before continuing, you should familiarize yourself with our first edition Don’t Trust. Verify.

KIRA Network Team is pleased to announce the winners and runners-up of our Security Challenge that was launched on October 22, 2020 at 1AM UTC and was announced on our twitter.

Participants had a chance to win an allocation of 2 ETH worth of KEX and 20 USDT by solving…

Communication Channels & Best Security Practices

KIRA Network community, we are getting close to the grand finale of the public round and for that reason we will be highlighting in this article means of communication between Kira Team along the best practices to stay safe and vigilant in order to…

In this mini-tutorial, you will set up a working relayer service that maintains a persistent connection with the Game of Zones Hub or any other Cosmos Zones of your choosing in under a minute

📋 Prerequisites

In this article we will try to answer the following questions

  • Can Proof of Stake networks be decentralized ?
  • What is The Enlightened Democracy ?
  • Can delegators increase value of their tokens ?
  • How to minimize risk when delegating ?


The new paradigm is slowly approaching and multitude of new…

The PoW Era

Over the years Bitcoin empirically proven itself to hold economical value, showed that humans value trustless transfer of digital property and that this property can at least in some cases replace money. The underlying consensus, the Proof of Work (PoW) invented more than decade ago turned out…


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