A horrific experience encountered in real life………..

I don’t know whether it is true or not but i have heard this story from a friend who heard it from his senior.

The location of the incident is a beach where two friends were enjoying their freedom one was drunk and the other was not.

It was near a small town and there were some graves placed here and there in that location. After some time the guy in consciousness saw some one near a tree and he doubted that it was not a living being. The drunken guy lost his presence and started using foul language and kicked the grave.

The friend argued him to leave and they started, as they are moving they heard someone running behind them but no one else was there.

After reaching home the friend left the drunk in his room and left to his house. After midnight the drunken guy who kicked the grave started experiencing weird things in his house like jumping of utensils, static trouble in electronic devices, a lot of negative energy flowing in his body .As he was home alone and there was no one he can call, he couldn’t sleep the whole night. Next day morning his parents were shocked by his appearance as his eyes sink in to his skull,hair was disturbed and he behaved completely different as if he was possessed by that ghost.

After going to several temples,mosques and churches he finally recovered from that incident.

Though this story seems to be childish but it really happened. So, I did some browsing on ghosts and found that after death most of the spirits forget what they are as they have unlimited power, they can also move back in time basically science is irrelevant for them.

Some spirits take revenge, some protect, some wander, some are naughty just like humans but it also depends upon what mood that a person died depends on the nature of the spirit.

So, do not insult the graves and do not wander alone at night as you might know who is there in your back staring at you.

Beware!! Be careful!

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